Dogs home

On the pictures on this page, you can see the accommodation of my adult cavaliers.
As you can see they have a very big dog room with a nice bed on which they like sleeping and playing
whenever they feel like it

hondenbed IMG_3014

hondenbed IMG_3021


hondenbed IMG_3027
scheidingThey can go outside by means of a hatch as often as they want. My cavaliers live as free as possible. During the summer it’s lovely and cool in the dog room. In another room, where they sleep at night, there is an air conditioning, which keeps this room nice and cool on the hot days. In winter, this room and all other rooms, will have a nice temperature because of the several radiators which are hanging there.


Outside they can play their hearts out in the sandbox. Here is a view of the large outside playground. During the day, they can decide for themselves if they want to stay indoors or go out and play in the sandbox.



In case of bad weather, than they can do their nature’s call in the sun room, which is between the doggy room and sandbox.



Throughout the year there are several interns who come here to learn everything about dogbreeding and doggrooming. My cavaliers are crazy about them. They want nothing more than to cuddle with them all day. In the weekends 2 kennelhelps always come to wash and groom al my cavaliers.



There are also 2 puppy rooms. One is only for the smallest puppy’s. They stay there until they are about 5 weeks old.
From the age of 5 weeks, the puppies move to the other puppy room, where I have made 3 beautyfull big puppy play areas. These are also connected with a separate sun room by means of little dog hatches.

Through here the puppies are learning shortly, where they have to do their nature’s call. This way they are busy training to be housetrained at a young age. Also they can play now and than with the adult cavaliers and in case of good weather, the puppies can also go and play in the sandbox or in the garden. My daughter Michelle loves to play with them and helps feeding them when they are old enough. My puppy’s are well socialized this way, so when they leave my home, they are ready to discover the big world.